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Having a bad day? Bored at work? A smile is just a click away. Meowser your broswer!

The meowser.me app replaces all the images on a web page with photos of CATS!


Using Internet Explorer?
Right-click the button below and add to your Favorites Bar

Using Chrome?
Click the button below to download the extension

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Visit any web site, click the meowser.me button, and watch cats take over the web page!


Want to add your own cat photos to our library?
Tweet your photo and include the handle @meowserme
Tweeted photos will be reviewed and considered*



meowser.me is a property of The Refined Feline, maker of designer cat furniture. ©2014




* Photos currently in photo library are believed to be royalty free to be used with our restriction as part of meowser.me. If you are the owner of a photo used with restricted rights, please contact us via twitter @meowserme with the image, so the photo can be removed.

Any photos tweeted to @meowserme should be tweeted by the photo's owner and should have permission to submit such photo. Photos submitted will become the property of meowser.me. Submission does not guarantee inclusion into the library. Accepted photos may take 7 days or more to display.